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September Reads

I have a big, audacious goal to read 200 books in 2017, which is ironic since I only read about 80 in 2016. But last year I read less because I was participating in a reading challenge with categories – mostly all theological. It’s kind of hard to speed read a book like that and retain anything from it. ┬áSo this year I gave myself more grace and read whatever kept my attention and put down the books that didn’t. I doubt I’ll keep this up in 2018 but it’s been enjoyable to read fun books for awhile and keep up with the current bestsellers.

I ended up reading 15 books in September alone. Here are they are, in order of when I finished… (Click on the book if you’d like to read descriptions and reviews from Amazon)

If you got this far, thanks for reading! What books did you enjoy in September, and what’s on your TBR for October?